Celestial Secret – PRO

anesi-celestial-kit-cleopatra-spaGlobal youth regime based on an exclusive and unique active ingredient originating from space and over 4,5 billion years old: METEORITE EXTRACT. Boosted with maximum concentration of 4 terrestrial mineral dust extracts and 2 vegetal extracts, that combined; reinforce its global effectiveness for firmer and more youthful skin.



Cellular 3 Age Control Regime

cellular 3 kit cleopatra spaIts main function is based on the renewal action of the AHA´s and the enzymatic exfoliation of the Keratins. To boost cellular stimulation, carefully selected biotechnological ingredients are combined to treat the 3 main causes of aging: Progeline™, a biomimetic peptide that remodels the facial oval; Malt Extract which clarifies age spots and 3 Cellular Growth Factors encapsulated in liposomes to guarantee excellent bioavailability will re-densify the skin, lessen wrinkle depth and minimize pores.


Infini Jeunesse – PRO DNA

anesi-infini-jeunesse-dna-coffret-cleopatra-spaANESI introduces DNA CRONOLOGIE high performance professional treatment formulated with the most recent scientific cosmeceutical complexes that repair and conserve the SKIN’S YOUTH CODE. Formulated to deeply repair from within, minimize wrinkle formation, and unify the skin tone to recuperate firmness and elasticity while slowing down the ageing process.


Infini Jeunesse – PRO STEM C3

stem-c3-coffret-cleopatra-spaSTEM C3 is an exclusive salon treatment incorporating Plant Stem cell technology that reverses chronological ageing and delays deterioration of essential skin cells by acting on fibroblasts and stimulating collagen formation. Vitamin C has been added in 3 phases to protect against free radical formation, moisturize and lightly whiten the skin surface.


Aqua Vital – PRO

aqua vital bodegon cleopatra spaALL SKIN TYPES: This cosmetic range is formulated for all skin types that want to enjoy the benefits of hydration in 3 dimensions thanks to the latest generation active complex in its formulas: 3D Hydra APS.


Harmonie – PRO

harmonie bodegon cleopatra spaSENSITIVE SKIN: Harmonie has been perfectly orchestrated to provide sensitive skins with peace, comfort and softness; to fullfil it needs and boost its self-protection combining calm and equilibrium.


Dermo Contrôle – PRO

dermo controle bodegon cleopatra spaOILY OR VERY OILY SKIN: Excessive shine on forehead, nose and chin, dilated pores and dull skin. Oily skin must receive specific control for a healthy, clear and confortable look. Dermo Contrôle has been formulated with plant actives that neutralise shine, close pores and regulate excess oil while maintaining the ideal hydration levels to enjoy healthy, fresh and matt all day long.


Expression Care & Soin du regard – PRO

Expression-Care-Soin-du-regard-PRO-cleopatraEYE CARE: Naturally fragile and sensitive, the eye contour is the area that most reflects the signs of ageing and the lack of specific care. Its thin skin immediately shows tiredness and all the expressiveness of the look becomes a tribute to wrinkles. Expression Care provides the area with the hygiene, the protection, the rest and the renewal you need to enjoy a truly alluring look.



ANESI LAB INSTITUTE LUMINOSITY is a pigmentation line that combines powerful natural melanin inhibitors with a state of the art nanotechnology to achieve luminous skin and an even tone. Treats all types of pigmentation spots due to photo-ageing, hormonal or external factors. It is based on inhibiting melanin production while treating existing spots, preventing the appearance of hyperpigmentation.


lotion luminosity toner cleopatra spaLotion- LUMINOSITY TONER

STIMULATE CELL RENEWAL: Enzymatic exfoliation lotion for the face which stimulates cell renewal, prepares the skin for the penetration of active ingredients while deeply moisturizing…


pigmentation serum luminosity eraser cleopatra spaPigmentation Serum – LUMINOSITY ERASER

REDUCE PIGMENTATION: Concentrated serum applied locally to combat the most difficult spots. Visibly reduces the density, size and color of pigmentation spots. Its applicator shape makes it very easy to apply the product on the spot.


luminosity spot clear SPF20 cleopatra spaDay Mosturiser for Pigmentation – LUMINOSITY SPOT CLEAR SPF20

DARK SPOT TREATMENT: Depigmenting cream for daily use with SPF 20. First of its kind to treat dark spots at both epidermal and dermal level. It also unifies skin tone for a brighter and more radiant look.


luminosity SPF50Plus cleopatra spaBroadspectrum Sun Protection – Luminosity SPF50+

SUN EXPOSURE PROTECTION: Broad spectrum sun protection liquid emulsion with high protection UVA and UVB filters. Prevents pigmentation and photo aging caused by sun exposure.



luminosity spot bright treatment cleopatra spaSUN EXPOSURE PROTECTION: Discover the new Anesi Luminosity professional cosmeceutical Soft & Bright treatment at Cleopatra Spa and experience Anesi’s exclusive Digi-Pressure beauty ritual which will fade spots at superficial layers and acts as a double peeling to resurface spots promoting skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Experience a brighter complexion for an even tone and free of dark spots.

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