Kalahari Honey Bush Skin Treatment

The Kalahari Honeybush Facial Treatment is a deeply nourishing treatment that includes natural plant extracts and rich botanical oils. The treatment includes a relaxing facial massage that will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin leaving it soft and supple. This treatment is suitable for all skin and suitable as a maintenance treatment.

Lipid Rich Skin Treatment

The Lipid Rich Skin Treatment is a botanical oil mask rich in essential fatty acids that hydrate the most dry and dehydrated skin. With gentle movements the mask is massaged into the skin to leave it ultra-hydrated and deeply moisturised. Enriched with natural lipids from African Shea butter, Jojoba oil and Rosemary oil, all repairing the natural skin barrier, the Lipid Rich Skin Treatment brings life back to dry skin. Suitable for all skin conditions, excluding oily and acne-prone skin.

Revitalising Vita-Gel Skin Treatment

The Vita-gel skin treatment is a highly effective treatment gel that revitalises and rejuvenates the skin. The effective combination of alpha hydroxy acids, peptides and moisture-binding ingredients will leave the skin visibly detexturised, revitalised and radiant. Suitable for all skin conditions

Phytic Clay Skin Treatment

The Phytic Clay Treatment Mask is a pro-active treatment that contains Mandelic, Glycolic acid and Phytic acid derived from Soybean extract. The treatment mask effectively targets hyperpigmentation, de-ageing and rejuvenation of the skin leaving it visibly brightened and rejuvenated. Not suitable for sensitive skin conditions

Phyto Compounding Skin Treatment

The Phyto Compound Treatment Mask Treatment is compounded especially for your specific skin needs from a selection of African Mud, Clays and Phyto-effective treatment-gels. These area-specific applications optimise treatment results and are suitable for all skin conditions.

Peel-Away Treatment Mask

The Peel-away Liquid is an ideal treatment enhancer for effective pore purifying and skin clarifying results. Do you struggle with clogged pores and impurities? Let your therapist peel away the toxin build-up with our professional Peel-away Liquid Treatment that is being tailored to suit your specific skin needs. Activated charcoal draws impurities and pollutants to the surface of the skin while Tea tree oil combats inflammation.

Vita C Skin Treatment

This is an ultra-firming, anti-ageing treatment rich in natural, organic Vitamin C and essential antioxidants.Extracted directly from the African Baobab fruit, our Vitamin C boosts collagen and elastin regeneration, making your skin appear visibly firmed, brightened and tightened. Suitable for all skin conditions.

Phyto Enzyme Compound Treatment [ PEC ]

The PEC Treatment is a highly effective; deep cleanse exfoliation treatment with enzymes such as Pumpkin in combination with Glycolic acid. The skin will appear visibly rejuvenated, clear and brightened. The PEC Treatment is suitable for all skin conditions excluding sensitive skin.

TCA Skin Treatment

TCA, Trichloroacetic acid, is a medium strength chemical coagulant that revitalises the skin by lifting dead surface cells and stimulates skin mitosis. TCA Treatments will effectively refine the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and even out skin discoloration. The skin will appear visibly smoother, detexturised and radiant.

Vita C Eye Treatment

As an add-on to your facial treatment, our eye treatment provides re-contouring and firming of the delicate skin around your eyes. The organic Vitamin C will boost and improve collagen and lasting regeneration, making fine lines and wrinkles appear visibly reduced after only one treatment. Perfect for tired eyes that need revival. Suitable for all skin conditions.

Deep Scalp Exfoliation Treatment

The Kalahari Deep Scalp Exfoliation Treatment will relieve itchy, dry and flaky scalp conditions. The exfoliation method removes all dry, unwanted build-up on the scalp while the botanical mint oil will leave your scalp refreshed and invigorated. The treatment includes a deeply relaxing scalp massage.

Deep Scalp Exfoliation Treatment

The Kalahari Deep Scalp Exfoliation Treatment will relieve itchy, dry and flaky scalp conditions. The exfoliation method removes all dry, unwanted build-up on the scalp while the botanical mint oil will leave your scalp refreshed and invigorated. The treatment includes a deeply relaxing scalp massage.

Hand and Arm Anti-Agening Treatment

The Phyto Hand and Arm Treatment is an effective anti-ageing treatment with highly effective fruit and vegetable enzymes. The treatment will improve the visible signs of ageing and will leave the skin well exfoliated, brighter and hydrated. This treatment is suitable for all skin conditions.

Phyto Heel Exfoliation Treatment

The Phyto Heel Exfoliation is a highly effective deep exfoliation that removes dead skin cell build-up. The Glycolic acid and Pumpkin enzymes, which break down the protein bonds that hold dead skin cells together, in order for these to easily be buffed away. The rough skin will feel smooth and hydrated. Suitable for all skin conditions.

Calabash Foot Treatment [ 60 min ] [ Feet only 30 min or Hands/arms only 30 min

Unwind while your therapist massages your feet with warm Grape seed oil. Buff away the dry skin with salt from the saltpans of the Kalahari Desert. Your feet will feel moisturised and hydrated, ready for another journey. Enjoy the soothing experience where your hands and arms will be exfoliated and massaged to leave your skin refreshed and smoothed

Manipédi River Stone Foot Massage and Pedicure [ 90 min ]

A Luxurious massage with warm river stones to soothe your tired feet. The treatment includes a mineral salt foot soak, sugar foot scrub & African clay mask. The relaxing journey is ending with a rich nourishing balm that will leave your feet nourished with a subtle bronze glow.

Tsamma Hand Treatment [ 90 min ]

Experience the lavish feeling of a relaxing sugar buff and massage oil on your hands. The finely crushed sugar and Grape seed oil will polish your skin to perfection and will leave your hands ultra-nourished and hydrated. The African hand mask leaves your hands rejuvenated and refreshed.

Khoi-Khoi Neck and Back [ 60 min ]

Let the stress and worries flow away as we massage your tense neck, shoulders and back. The warm river stones and Grape seed oil will release muscle stiffness and leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Back Massage [ 45 min ]

This is a deeply relaxing massage therapy with sunbaked calabashes from the Kalahari Desert.The gentle round body of the calabash releases muscle stiffness in your back and will have a deeply relaxing effect on body and mind.

African Head and Neck Massage

The African Head Massage is sheer relaxation. Fragrant botanical oils are gently poured over your forehead and then massaged into your scalp and neck. This treatment takes you on a journey of deep relaxation while leaving your scalp hydrated and nourished and your mind cleared.

Desert Glow Body Exfoliation [ 45 min ]

A stimulating and refreshing full body exfoliation that will stimulate blood circulation while unwanted rough skin will be buffed away with salt crystals from the plains of the Kalahari. Your skin will feel smooth and deeply nourished.

Kalahari Red Dune Sand Body Exfoliation [ 45 min ]

The soft red dune sand merges with our fragrant sugar to effectively exfoliate rough skin when it gently travels across your body to take you on a stimulating and reviving journey. Grape seed oil will deeply nourish your skin and leave it perfectly moisturised and silky soft.

Botanical Buffet Journey

Create your own unique body exfoliation experience by combining lingering fragrances from Africa with organic plant extracts, botanical oils and unrefined earth mediums. Choose your distinctive ingredient favorites and fragrances to combine a personal treatment preparation that buffs away all the dull skin and leaves your body soft and nourished. A treatment shaped by – and around – you

African Clay and Grape Seed Oil Body Wrap [ 60 min ]

After gently exfoliating the whole body you will be wrapped in nourishing Grape seed oil and botanical clay that improves lymphatic flow, removes toxins from skin and refreshes your whole body. When unveiled after the treatment, your skin will be silky smooth, invigorated and moisturised.

Aloe and Clay Body Wrap [ 60 min ]

The Aloe and Clay wrap is the perfect body wrap for ultra-hydrating skin benefits. The refreshing combination of soothing Aloe extract and Grape seed oil will revive your skin and leave it radiant and ultra-nourished.

Rolling Sand Dune Full Body Massage [ 90 min ]

Experience a deeply relaxing massage with rolling invigorating arm movement over your complete body. The fragrant massage oil will calm your senses and leave your body nourished, hydrated and deeply relaxed.

African River Stone Full Body Massage [ 60 min ]

This ancient body treatment uses the therapeutic heat from stones that is slowly released into the muscle for a deeply relaxing distressing experience. Small, warm stones are placed on your back while warm, luxurious oils are massaged deeply into the body for a deep relaxation experience.